Marilyn Rabetz
American Artist Magazine
"Take 4" article by Marilyn Rabetz
This issue of American Artist Magazine contains an article written by Marilyn Rabetz about her work and the work of contemporary Colored Pencil Artists, Barbara Edidin, Barbara Benedetti Newton and Janie Gildow. In an exploration of individual creativity, Rabetz invited the other three artists, who all work in the same media, use similar subject matter and work in a similar realist style to participate in an experiment.

Excerpt: "In the spring of 1998, I proposed we each select one object to be a part of a four-object drawing. After each of us prepared a list of possible items, we decided on a patterned scarf from Edidin, a large silver pitcher from Gildow, a fluted glass bowl from Newton, and I chose a Victorian book with the image of a young woman on the cover.

The items were sent to each artist to take photos and set up a composition. All four items had to be used in our drawings, though we could elect to show only part of an object or add other objects if we thought it necessary. Work had to be done in colored pencil on some form of paper, but we did not specify any particular brands. The format and size of the drawings were also left open. We were not to share out ideas as we worked, nor discuss the drawings until each was finished."

The artists did this three times, resulting in 12 drawings which were exhibited (with additional works by all four artists) at the Sue and Eugene Mercy, Jr. Gallery at The Loomis Chaffee School in Windsor, CT.