Marilyn Rabetz
OBJECT LESSONS, How to Draw Absolutely Anything

The first book of a two part collection is available at AMAZON.COM, and at CREATESPACE.COM/4027211.

This book represents four decades of expertise developed through teaching, as well as drawing and painting, and it will show anyone seriously interested in drawing just how to do this magic trick. Book 1 covers Proportion; Lines and Edges; Tones and Surfaces; and Color (using Colored Pencils).

Everything you can see is drawn the same way: set it up on the page, add edges, tones and/or colors. Doing this accurately requires knowing how to really look at things and how to measure one thing against another. Once you know how, this system can be applied to anything at all - people, landscapes, objects made of any material, with any color or texture.

Four chapters, well illustrated and well organized, 207 pages, $40.

Book 2 will cover, Perspective, Composition, Portraits and Anatomy, Style, Purpose and Creativity.

Marilyn Rabetz is available for Powerpoint lecture/demonstrations, and for workshops that introduce the audience to her unified system of seeing and representing reality.

This system is perfect for anyone who works, or wishes to work, with the way the world actually looks. Even if you, as an artist, choose to distort, stylize or invent reality to suit your own artistic purposes, a firm foundation of representational skills will give your work a powerful springboard.

Lectures can be 1 to 2 hours and workshops can be 2 hrs to all day, depending on the needs of the group.

Contact the artist as to schedule and fees.

The artist will also be happy to sign books at these occasions..