Marilyn Rabetz
"Red Apple Circus"
"The Garden of Eden""Criss-Cross""Waiting""Tripartite""Sisters of the Night""Point of Reference""Mystery of Flight""Homage to Mucha""Michaelangelo and the Swan""Cookies in the Garden""Le Chinois""Reflecting Pool""Ozymandias""Tapestry""Conversation in the Glen""Goyu and Lemons"
Magic Realism
The works in this category are still-lifes which have an added magical element. These works become doorways to other universes where the physical and psychological rules are slightly bent from what we think we know to be true.

Each original painting is created with colored pencils on 5-ply acid free Bristol Board. The limited edition archival prints are on acid free velvet watercolor paper, and are printed with archival pigment inks.

Limited Edition Prints are:
$250 unframed and $400 framed.

All works © 2010 Marilyn Rabetz, all rights reserved.

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