Marilyn Rabetz
#1 Map of Displaced Persons Camps#2 Where We Came From#3 How We Lived  #4 Governing Ourselves#5 Our Food#6 What We Wore#7 Our Health#8 Weddings#9 Our Children#10 Education#11 Learning Through Performance#12  Occupational Training#13  Communication and Commerce#14 Religious Life#15 Holiday Celebrations#16 Reviving the Arts#17 Sports#18 Zionism#19 Emigration#20 Home
DP Exhibit
Displaced Persons Camps
Rebuilding Culture and Community in the Aftermath of WWII

This is a photo documentary composed of twenty 30" x 40" panels created by graphic designer Marilyn Rabetz, and writer Lillian Gewirtzman, Holocaust survivor and former Displaced Person, for the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Nassau County.

"In addition to being displayed at the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center, it was shown at YIVO Institute for Jewish Research; the Jewish Museum in Munich, Germany; The Florida Holocaust Museum in St. Petersburg, and a number of university campuses and Jewish community centers. The New York Times and Long Island Newsday called this documentary, 'uplifting.'

For more information or to reserve the DP exhibit, please contact the Education Department at 516-571-8040 or go to"
— from the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Nassau County website.

The panels were created in Photoshop using over 100 very old and worn photos saved through the years and lent by former Jewish Displaced Persons. The photos came from their days as residents in the assembly camps created to house the many persons who were left homeless and stateless after World War II. The images were then combined with elements created in Photoshop to develop these very large digital collages. The concept of each panel and the educational text was created by Lillian Gewirtzman, and the visual representation of the concept was created by Marilyn Rabetz. — MR

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