Marilyn Rabetz
"Le Chinois""Wedding Ring Quilt""Waiting""Trudy's Pot""Tripartite""Thankgiving""Tapestry""Support Group""Soft Focus""Roman Light""Sisters of the Night""Roman Light""Rockinghorse""Rhythms""Remembrance""Reflecting Pool""Point of Reference""Planes of Existence""Pairings""Ozymandias""One Red Apple""Offering""Mystery of Flight""Homage to Mucha""Michaelangelo and the Swan""Larry's Cans""Lace""Japanese Box""Interplay""Indian Blanket""Hyachinths""Goyu and Lemons""Delft Pears""Criss-Cross." Black and White"Copper Pitcher," Black and White"Cookies in the Garden," Black and White
Black & White
It is often helpful to see a black and white version of a color work in progress to check the tonal value pattern of the painting. Because the paintings are created with the tip of a sharp pencil, the black and white versions emulate etchings. Since the archival prints are created from digital files, it is possible to desaturate them for this purpose.

For those who enjoy the stark, clear quality of a black and white image, the artist makes black and white prints (on archival watercolor paper with archival pigment ink) available for her Colored Pencil paintings.

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Also Contact the artist, If you see a painting in color elsewhere on this site, and would like to purchase a print of it in black and white.

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